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  • Peggy Carver (Ann Arbor), Relationships between plasma metal ion concentrations of iron, copper, and zinc and the development of infectious diseases in ambulatory and hospitalized patients.
  • Chris Orvig (Vancouver), Elaborating the “pa” Ligand Family for Radiopharmaceutical Applications.
  • Shun Hirota (Nara), Heme Protein Supramolecules Constructed by Domain Swapping.
  • Christine Goze (Dijon), Development of Monomolecular Multimodal Imaging Probes for Optical/Nuclear Imaging.
  • Ana Maria da Costa Ferreira (Sao Paulo), Oxindolimine ligands as promising therapeutic agents in Alzheimer disease.
  • David Pignol (Cadaraches), Magnetotactic bacteria and their application.
  • Anne Duhme-Klair (York,), Tetradentate siderophores: can less be more?
  • Christophe Leger (Marseille), Combining theoretical chemistry and electrochemical kinetics to investigate the molecular mechanism of hydrogenases.
  • Debbie Crans (Fort_Collins), Datamining of metalloenzymes: probing coordination chemistry of vanadium in protein complexes.
  • Pascale Delangle (Grenoble), A biomimetic approach to rationalize uranyl binding to biological targets.
  • Johannes Messinger (Uppsala), Water splitting in natural and artificial photosynthesis.
  • Mi Hee Lim (Ulsan), Multiple Interconnected Pathological Factors in Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Wojciech Bal, (Warsaw), His-2 peptides as possible regulators in copper biology.
  • Rachel Austin (New York), Thermodynamics of Pb(II) and Zn(II) binding to MT-3, implications for MT-3 structure and function.
  • Gilles Gasser (Zürich), Novel Ru(II) Polypyridine Complexes as Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy.
  • Daniela Valensin (Siena), Understanding the structural features of amyloidogenic proteins: the role played by metal ions and membrane interactions.
  • Abhishek Dey (Kolkatta), Self-Assembled Monolayers of A-beta peptides: An abiological platform for investigating redox active metals and co-factors invoked in Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Lars Hemmingsen (Copenhagen), Nanosecond metal site dynamics - observed by PAC spectroscopy.
  • Eva Freisinger (Zürich), Recent advances in the study of unusal metallothioneins.
  • Sylvestre Bonnet (Leiden), Sugar-metallodrug conjugates in a mirror: Mitochondrial Targeting of a Light-Activated Ruthenium Anticancer Prodrug using d- and l-Glucose Conjugation.
  • Dinorah Gambino (Montevideo), New heterobimetallic ferrocene derivatives: evaluation of their potentiality as prospective agents against infectious diseases.
  • Youngmin You (Seoul), Molecular Tools for Detection and Photomodulation of Singlet Oxygen.
  • Jerome Duval, (Nancy), Coupled metal partitioning dynamics and toxicodynamics at biointerfaces.
  • François Riobé (Lyon), A lanthanide complex to overcome the two major chokepoints of protein crystallography.


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