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  • William F. MARTIN, University of Düsseldorf
    "Transition metals, hydrothermal vents, and the origin of life"
  • Franc MEYER, University Göttingen
    "Bioinspired small molecule activation for energy-related catalysis"

  • Janet MORROW, University Buffalo
    "Applications for the selective interaction of metal complexes with nucleic acids"
  • Takashi HAYASHI, Osaka University
    "Modification of Metalloproteins to Generate New Biocatalysts"

  • Vince PECORARO, University Michigan,
    "New lanthanide luminescent agents based on the metallacrown topology"

  • Svetlana LUTSENKO, John Hopkins University
    "Copper trafficking pathways in neuronal development and lipid balance"

  • Gérard JAOUEN, IPCM Paris
    "Organometallic antitumor compounds: multitargeting of ferrocifen derivatives, mechanisms of action and in vivo behavior"
  • Sandra SIGNORELLA, Institut of chemistry Rosario
    "Rationally Designed Mimics of Manganoenzymes: Small Molecules Activation and Applications in Catalysis"




  • Kazuya KIKUCHI, Osaka University
    “Tunable in vivo imaging probes with functional metal complex switches”

  • Andrea ERXLEBEN, University of Galway,
    “Dual-threat Pt(IV) anticancer drugs”
  • Eszter BORBAS, Uppsala University,
    “Multiplex imaging with luminescent lanthanides”

  • Claudia BLINDAUER, Warwick University,
    “A critical look at the merits of metalloproteomic approaches”

  • Erwin REISNER, University of Cambridge,
    “Wiring Metalloenzymes for Semi-artificial Photosynthesis”

  • Elzbieta GUMIENNA-KONTIEKA, University of Wroclaw,
    Artificial siderophores: how can we exploit them?

  • Rosanna SQUITTI, Fatebenefratelli Fundation,
    “Abberant copper homeostasis in Alzheimer’s disease”

  • Clotilde POLICAR, ENS Paris,
    “Inorganic complexes for Application in Biology”

  • Vincent BALTER, ENS Lyon,
    “Cancer-driven isotopic fractionation”

  • Liliana QUINTANAR, Mexico
    Copper and protein aggregation: from amyloids in diabetes to non-amyloids in cataracts disease

  • Riszard LOBINSKI, University of Pau
    “Advances in mass spectrometry for trace level biological metals speciation analysis”

  • Maria JOAO ROMAO, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    Structure and function of mammalian Aldehyde Oxidases and their role in the metabolism of drugs and xenobiotics


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